Saturday, December 11, 2010

DECEMBER 17th Bargaining Surveys Due

Get those surveys done before December 17th! These surveys will be our primary tool for developing a strategy for our upcoming contract bargaining. You have a different approach besides furloughs? Get it in there! You want better boot language? Get it in there. You want clear and simple language for Holiday Pay? Get it in there! In January, we will determine what your priorities are based upon a the consensus of these surveys.

Kitzhaber's Pink Slip for Agency heads!

Part of Kitzhaber's plan, when he takes office in January, is to shake up various state agencies by asking the resignations of its directors. He wants directors that will share his vision in transforming state government by improving its efficiency, productivity, and accountability. On the list of his priorities is Parks and Recreation! Other departments from his list include Transportation, Fish and Wildlife, Forestry, and State Police.

The material in this posting was taken from a recent article in Willamette Week. To view the original article and the rest of the list click the link below.