Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Governor's Proposals

This Monday the 28th, the Governor will officially announce his bargaining proposals to SEIU. Stay tuned for updates.

We Support Wisconsin!!!

On Monday the 21st thousands of people came to the Capitol in support of teachers and our brothers and sister in Wisconsin. Local 733 Parks and Recreation leadership was not only there, but Peggy our Local President received some media coverage as well. Follow the Link below to watch Peggy's interview with KGW.

Why should we be so concerned with Wisconsin? If they lose they're Bargaining Rights, then we could be next! The right to Bargain is our voice. Without this right, we would be forced to take on whatever the state proposed without any discussion with management. I encourage you to look at you contract. Without bargaining rights, every page in that contract would be worthless, even on how you use vacation days!