Friday, October 28, 2011

Labor Management Committee for Parks Begins

On November 4th Members of Parks Local 733 and management will meet for the first time to begin Labor Management Committee (LMC) training. An LMC is another tool that our Local can utilize to solve member issues at the lowest possible level without resorting to grievances which can lead to arbitration or avoiding possible debates at contract bargaining. This is an opportunity for nominated members and management to discuss issues on equal terms as per Article 106 stated below.

"To facilitate communication between the Parties, joint Labor-Management Committees may be established at the Agency level by mutual agreement of the Union and the Agency Administrator and the Department of Administrative Services. The Committees shall take steps to ensure consistency with the Collective Bargaining Agreement."

Peggy Rink, Barb Lakey, Steve Hernandez, and Joe Bubier (Fairgrounds) will be representing labor. Sherri Miller (RNW), Rebeca Lasso (Accounting Manager), Steve J (District Manager), and Ann Madson (Fairgrounds) were nominated to represent management's side.

If members have any issues that the committee needs to address let us know!