Monday, March 18, 2013

Bargaining Begins

Your Parks Local bargaining team just completed they're 2nd session which coincides with the last possible day that we had to hand our proposals to management.  Thanks to all you completed and turned in they're Bargaining Surveys. Your ideas helped formulate our fight for this contract.  Here are the proposals that we will be fighting for in the coming months.

Article 122.3 AB - improve boot language by removing section 3 and using section 1, striking out "odd year language" and using "appropriate footware" instead of ANSI references

Article 66.3 Section 1 a)- striking out most of the first paragraph to allow our seasonals to crarry over up to 40 hours of Vacation into next successive season if they choose

Office Coordinator Classification Study.....thats right!  Maybe DAS will give our OC's what they deserve!

Article 26 section 12 - Basically we are going for a 5% diff. for all our Park Rangers assigned shift lead duties.  the language mirrors Section 8 language. 

Park Hosts/Volunteer Language -  We all love them.  We couldn't do it without them.  Some of these folks I would consider my friends but...we need to make sure that volunteers are not being used to replace potential park positions and/or park ranger roles.  Sounds extreme?  Go visit a Forest service park sometime and count how many Forest service employees you can find. 

Vacation Leave LOA moved into 66.3 - this is the LOA that allows Rangers to have up to a week of vacation in any given season.  

As for a Central Table update, no economics have been discussed yet.  Stay tuned.

Next Coalition Session will be at 6:30pm at OPRD HQ on March  19th.  There will be an opportunity for OC's to do a presentation at this one.