Saturday, October 27, 2012

Bargaining Surveys due October 31st!

Let your voice be heard!

If you haven't already done so, get your bargaining survey completed and turned in by October 31st.  Follow the link below to access the electronic version and get it done today.

If you have any suggestions for contract changes, you will find a section of the survey that will ask you to reference the Article if one exists.  You want park specific language?  This is the place in the survey to do so.  This is how we changed the vacation, holiday, and boot language in the last contract.

Shift Lead Differential?
Automatic purge of LOE's after 2 years?
Seasonal staff vacation carry over to next season?

These are examples of what some Parkys are putting on they're bargaining surveys.

Strikes of 2013

There is alot of emphasis on questions in regards to striking.  At this time we are not planning on a strike, but this is always a tool at hand that we may use if the offers of managment put employees into a position to vote on a strike.