Monday, August 13, 2012

General Council 2012

On August 3rd, your elected officers attended SEIU 503 General Council (GC) 2012.  This is the time (every 2 years) that elected SEIU delegates from all over the state representing many state and local government agencies come together and vote on the direction of SEIU 503.  Months prior, members get together with they're GC delegates and develop resolutions that if adopted by a committee, will have a chance to go to the "floor," of which delegates will have an opportunity to speak for or against the resolution.  Then, through a democratic and fair process, the proposed resolutions will be voted by those who are in attendance (a quorum).  Highlights also include fun evening parties put on by candidates running for State wide officer positions (President, VP, Treasurer of SEIU 503) and other events.

Here's what our GC newbie Tiffany Hicks had to say:

My first General Council and what an eye opener! It was empowering to see all of the state's delegates together talking and voting on our Union's issues. Attending my first ever protest with fellow delegates at Wells Fargo in Albany was also a very empowering experience. Like any organization, there were differing opinions and as the days unfolded I was reminded by others that we live in a democracy where every opinion not only matters but counts. How do we stay unified even though we have differing opinions? I think part of the answer to accomplishing unity is ongoing communication and all of us sharing ONE vision. I appreciated the opportunity to be a part of this important process.

Tiffany Hicks

Treasurer, Local 733

If you would like to view the resolutions that passed, I will be posting scanned copies in the "File Cabinet" on the upper right of this page labeled General Council 2012 Resolutions.