Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Eugene Quaterly Meeting in May 2010

Parks Local 733 had a quarterly meeting in Eugene on May 7th and 8th. To discover what was discussed click on the "Minutes from parks local quarterly meeting" page in the upper right under the Pages caption on this blog page.

About our Meetings
I strongly encourage anyone in our local to attend these meetings. Lodging is paid for, as well as food (catered dinner and lunch), and your travel expense is reimbursed. Meetings are intentionally scheduled at attractive locations throughout our state to encourage members and their families to come as well (members only at the meeting). We are also trying to reach out to members in remote locations by bringing the meetings to smaller cities (like Bend or Florence).

Most important, these meetings will give you a sense of empowerment by participating with the direction of your Union. You will find that others like yourself may struggle with similar issues at their job sites as you do. The format of the meetings allow you to have a chance to express your opinions and bring up additional issues that maybe discussed in future.

Our next meeting: Florence, Friday September 24th (6pm-8pm) and Saturday the 25th (9am-2pm). Details TBA (watch for postcard in the mail)

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