Thursday, October 7, 2010

Personal Leave for Seasonals

This year a seasonal employee attempted to use a fraction of an hour of their PB Time and was almost denied. Through further investigation, Payroll told the employee's OC that PB for seasonals was being rounded off (in thier interpretation of Article 55 Below). The employee had 12.27 hours, by rounding they would be denied the .27 hours.

Article 55 Section(1)Part-time, seasonal, and job share employees shall be granted such leave in a prorated amount of twenty-four(24) hours based on the same percentage or fraction of month they are hired to work, or as subsequently formally modified, provided it is anticipated that they will work 1,040 hours during the fiscal year.

It is a contract violation to deny an employee this fraction of time because our contract language specifies that PB time is prorated for seasonals. Thank you Maurice Wray Shop Steward for bringing this to their attention.

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