Thursday, March 3, 2011

Bargaining Update!

Earlier last month we made our proposal to management. The main points of our proposal were decided by members at our bargaining conference in January (listed below).
  • 4 year contract instead of 2
  • ending furloughs
  • ending step freezes
  • maintaining the 6% pickup for PERRS & fully paid health care premiums
  • Maintaining cost-of-living increases based upon a fair percentage increase over 4 years

On Monday the 28th of February, state representatives gave us they're proposal. Main points are outlined below.

  • NO step increases
  • Elimination of the 6% pickup for PERRS (employees would pick of the cost instead)
  • 7 furlough days per/year or a 3% salary reduction at managements discretion
  • NO cost of living increases
  • A cap on health care costs per year (when costs go beyond the cap, the employee has to pay the difference in the form of a premium) Costs will go up, we could be paying a premium by next year

Its early in the game and keep in mind the state's initial proposal is very political. The figures mirror what AFSCME received from the state last week. We have a long road ahead of us!

Coalition (agency specific proposals)

Your Coalition bargaining team officially met with management on the 7th of February. We gave them our proposals (including the boot reimbursement language) and we received they're proposals. We had our second session on the 28th and we will have another on on the 7th (next Monday). Its still early in the game as well. OPRD related issues we currently covering are listed by Article number below.

  • 10.3: number of stewards at Salem's HQ office, eliminating the 35 mile restriction for Stewards, chief steward language, more authorization to email for investigations
  • 58.3: adopts a LOA developed by ODOT regarding holiday pay...remember July 4th?
  • 66.3: Returning Seasonals allowed to carry over as much as 40 hrs VA season to season
  • 32.3 (B)(3): to keep non bargaining unit employees from being called out for emergency work when represented employees who can do the work can be found within the district (applies to most agencies including ours).

....more to come!

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