Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Coalition Bargaining Update

At approximately 12:30am  June 18th your Parks Local 733 delegates agreed with other ODOT coalition delegates to approve of the final tentative agreements discussed in this contract’s bargaining session.  Although we and other locals won some small victories, we did not however reach a compromise in article 66.3 in regards to allowing our seasonals to carry over up to 40 hours of vacation into the next season.   The response from management is that seasonals are hired each year to work and not take vacations.  Even when we discussed scenarios about seasonals with over 10 years of service and not able to spend a few days with their families on a holiday weekend, management refused to budge.   At the bitter end, we even offered compromises that would only allow seasonals with 6-9 month long positions to qualify for the carry over, yet still they refused any offers. 

Your Parks delegates were outraged that our agency refuses to grant such a simple request out of respect for our Park Ranger Assistants who have shown their loyalty over the years by returning each summer to make sure the restrooms are clean, our visitors are safe and having a memorable experience, and giving a needed hand to our Park Rangers! 

If you are as disappointed as we are, then I urge you to make contact with your shop steward or your Local 733 officers and get involved.  If this is an important topic or you have other issues that need to be addressed, then this is a great opportunity to start building up support for the next contract negotiation.

In the meantime, the battle is not over.  We are still fighting for Healthcare, COLA’s, and retirement at central table.  We will keep you posted as we receive updates.   

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